Ready to use functional elements

The Elemenz Store consist ready to use functional elements. By combining elements you get to create your own online platform or solution.


The Dashboard is a working environment in which various variables and indicators are brought together and presented as clearly as possible, so that information can be quickly assessed and weighed up.

Secure Access

The Secure Access element ensures secure access to the platform, certain functionality and data. This allows you to conform to market standards and you can use multi factor authentication.

Communication Centre

The Communication Centre contains various forms of communication with internal and external persons with whom you are in contact and collaborate. Including, notifications (you will be informed about changes regarding information you are interested in) and message box (formal communication, question and answer and status exchange around a process)

Calendar Management

With the help of Agenda management you can schedule things in time. Think of viewing the lead time of a project, project schedules or HR-related information in relation to illness and leave. It is also possible to schedule and view meetings.

Law & Regulations

Law and regulations is an integral part of Elemenz, where GDPR support is central. With the self-service option, you have insight into how to deal with privacy-sensitive information and the ability to answer privacy-related questions.

Process Navigator

The Process Navigator element supports a phased approach in any form of work where it must be performed sequentially. Each phase within the process can have its own interpretation and defined lead time, e.g. associated actions or documents. Think of project-based work.

Structured Collab

Structured collab gives structure to information when working with people inside and / or outside the organization. This element can be combined with Process Navigator, in which you work together in a structured way.

Virtual Data Room

Our Virtual Data Room element structures information and places it into context, for example an organization or business object. Furthermore, depending on the role and rights of a user, he / she can collaborate on documents which are stored in a safe and sustainable way according to laws and regulations.

Integration Hub

A standard way of communicating with other systems. For example, to unlock information from the back office systems and exchange it to the Elemenz platform and vice versa.


Organizations are constantly optimizing existing business processes. Orchestrate workflow to make processes more efficient.

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With our cloud-based application development platform Elemenz, we offer a powerful technological foundation, where your customers get to work with their suppliers, customers and other partners in an environment to collaborate on issues, share and store information in a secure environment, handle processes and share knowledge within your own community. Explore Elemenz platform tailored to your industry!

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