More professional, more transparent and more diverse

A platform on which administrators, supervisors and employee representatives of organizations are facilitated with IT tooling, supported with knowledge and a network of specialists. This means that organ members can focus 100% on their core competence.


The need for good goverance places high demands on directors and supervisors, who are increasingly aware of the risks associated with supervision. The Good Governance Platform is specifically designed for board members, administrators and supervisors. An online meeting environment based on the Business Management Framework (BMF). All occurring meetings consist of agenda items related to a theme. This creates a timeline around the themes in the BMF. Directors and supervisors thus have a good idea of the governance of their organizations.

The following elements are used within this platform

Calendar Management

With the help of Agenda management you can schedule things in time. Think of viewing the lead time of a project, project schedules or HR-related information in relation to illness and leave. It is also possible to schedule and view meetings.

Virtual Data Room

Our Virtual Data Room element structures information and places it into context, for example an organization or business object. Furthermore, depending on the role and rights of a user, he / she can collaborate on documents which are stored in a safe and sustainable way according to laws and regulations.