Passion for reinventing business models

We use digital technologies and new ways of thinking in a smart way to develop innovative business models.


With Elemenz we create our own online platform for our partners: a complete working environment that perfectly matches the core activities. Elemenz is a cloud-based application platform that was developed on the basis that a good digital business model needs a flexible, scalable infrastructure as a basis.

We work with complete functionalities that ensure good interaction, communication and structured information flows on the platform and support in the field of governance and compliance.


Behind Elemenz is BCT. BCT have been developing, implementing and distributing high-quality information management technology for more than 35 years. We do this for more than 800 organizations in (semi) government and various branches. More than 150,000 end users work with our solutions every day.

More information about BCT can be found at www.bctsoftware.com.

All disciplines together in one place

Our team consists of professionals each with different disciplines. Think of Architecture and Research, Front end and Back end development, Operations, Business development and Marketing. The disciplines are connected by means of short lines and we can serve our customers and partners quickly.