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CoCreation platform

Many organisations have the need to share information (documents) with each other, between organizations, in the context of a structured collaboration process.

We built the CoCreation platform with Elemenz. A collaborative environment where structured, efficient, compliant, safe and sustainable collaboration can take place between and within organizations.

Members platform

The Member platform fulfills a great need in the pension fund market to drastically improve communication with members. From analog to digital.

Thanks to the Members platform, members and pension funds are always well informed and information is always up to date.

Good Governance Platform

The call for good governance is getting louder and louder. This places high demands on both directors and supervisors, who are increasingly aware of the risks associated with supervision.

The Good Governance platform is a working environment in which directors, supervisors and employee representatives of institutions and companies can meet in a safe, structured and efficient manner.

Procurement platform

To optimize the procurement process is het important to connect your distributors, clients and vendors and managing the entire procurement workflow.

The Procurement Platform is an essential tool for clients and suppliers, on which the communication and all documents of selections, tenders and consultations are centralized on one location.

Privacy Platform Europe

In terms of GDPR, organizations must comply with the same legislation, face similar challenges and be exposed to the same risks.

The Privacy Platform Europe takes care of compliance with current legislation regarding privacy and data protection. From good governance to the operationalization of the effective operation of the mandatory measures.

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