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Respond better and faster to the changing needs of your customers

With our cloud-based application development platform Elemenz, we offer you a powerful technology platform which you can redesign core processes and business-critical IT for your customers.

Stop programming!

Faster application development at lower costs offers organisations the opportunity to respond better and faster to the changing needs of customers. With Elemenz we offer a cloud-based application development platform focused on information management regarding governance and compliance. You can develop (complex) cloud native applications quickly and easily, almost without any technical knowledge.

Information management

Collaborate within networks to achieve social and commercial goals makes managing information more complex. Think of challenges such as: fragmented information, information without context and therefore unusable as management information and information not guaranteed in accordance with legislation and regulations.

The Elemenz Store contains elements to combine information about objects, processes and ways of collaboration. These elements, in combination with a state-of-art authorization mechanism, enable our partners to organize information management for their network.


To manage, control and supervise an organization requires the right tools. You need information that reflects the state of an organization. And instruments for implementing decisions.

Elemenz Store includes elements, using the correct management information, enable directors and supervisors to implement these decisions. Whether this is a PDCA cycle or a meeting environment based on a Business Management Framework. With Elemenz you can create solutions that enable your customers to manage and control their organizations responsibly.


For many organizations, it is not clear to what extent they comply with legislation and regulations. Information that can be used for this is often distributed within the organization and in many cases outside suppliers, customers and partners. An additional complexity is that information that can demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations, is not just documents, but often also automatically generated information. This includes IoT applications or interfaces with external data sources.

Elemenz Store provide elements that enable your customers to combine information, classify and finally relate it to standards derived from legislation and regulations. This makes your solutions even more important and your customers fully compliant.

Why Elemenz?

  • Develop applications faster, cheaper and easier.
  • Shorten your time to market.
  • Increase your power to innovate.
  • Less risk, more quality