Structured, efficient, compliant, safe and sustainable

A collaborative environment where structured, efficient, compliant, safe and sustainable collaboration can take place between and within organizations.


Many organizations need to share information (documents) with each other, between organizations, in the context of a structured collaboration process. For example to develop a product or service. We deliver the CoCreation platform with Elemenz. This enables us to offer our customers an environment in which they can collaborate in a structured, efficient, compliant, safe and sustainable way between and within organizations.

The following elements are used within this platform

Communication Centre

The Communication Centre contains various forms of communication with internal and external persons with whom you are in contact and collaborate. Including, notifications (you will be informed about changes regarding information you are interested in) and message box (formal communication, question and answer and status exchange around a process)

Process Navigator

The Process Navigator element supports a phased approach in any form of work where it must be performed sequentially. Each phase within the process can have its own interpretation and defined lead time, e.g. associated actions or documents. Think of project-based work.

Structured Collab

Structured collab gives structure to information when working with people inside and / or outside the organization. This element can be combined with Process Navigator, in which you work together in a structured way.